Testimonials & Success Stories

sara_and_anna_jenkins Since its inception in 1996, the Foundation has assisted 52 students with more than $800,000 in scholarship funds, helping these students to realize the dream of a higher education after high school.

Two such students are Sara and Anna Jenkins. Sara is currently in her third

year at the University of New Mexico and Anna is a Freshmen at the University of New Mexico.

Their father, Allen, was a truck driver. Twenty-three days before her fourth birthday, Sara’s dad was killed when a Sara & Anna Jenkins driver fell asleep at the wheel, swerved off the road, and hit him. The Toby Wright Scholarship has helped Sara and her sister, Anna, pay for their school supplies, books, and tuitions. Sara and Anna no longer have to worry about getting loans during the school year, which allows them to focus on their classes.

Meet the students the Foundation has helped since 1996:

  • Cynthia Cline
  • Angelina Sanchez
  • Monica Uriate
  • Charles Chambers
  • Patrick Sandoval
  • Rebakan Kelly
  • Kelly Miera
  • Irene Garcia
  • Michale Patscheck
  • Christoper Patscheck
  • Marcos Benally
  • Jessie Mierra
  • Antonia Marcos
  • Andres Sanchez
  • Nicholas Marrujo
  • Arianna Ware
  • Michael Galik
  • Katrina Dee
  • Cody Ashby
  • A.D. Richens
  • Brian Sandoval
  • Pamela Sandoval
  • Nicole Miera
  • Justin Lillywhite
  • Sandra Valdez
  • Staci Garcia
  • Stephanie Martinez
  • Anthony Paul Romero
  • Jeff Lamkin
  • Sherri Garcia
  • Stephen Blea
  • Bianca Castillo
  • Emeterio Rudolfo
  • Karen Marteniz
  • Sheila Voorbach
  • Alex Lavato
  • Eva Lucero
  • Ada Lucero
  • Symone Kelsey
  • Samantha Garza
  • Wilfred Sanchez
  • Adriana Blea
  • Lauren Bednorz
  • Kayleigh Malone
  • Ondrea Pecos
  • Salomon Alires
  • Celina Baca
  • Amber Carrasco
  • Domonique Garza
  • Sara Jenkins
  • Anna Jenkins
  • Jacob Jojola

WCA of NM Foundation is a 501 C-3 non-profit organization.